Django and a Blog

A blog app that is only intended to embed within an existing Django site.

  • Free software: BSD license (source)
  • Compatible with Django 1.7 and 1.8
  • Compatible with Python 3.4, 3.3 and 2.7


This list will likely grow slowly. Priorities are Bug Fixes > Django Release Compatibility > Bad Jokes > Features.

  • Blog administration through Django admin
  • Markdown, Textile or plain text support through django-markitup
  • Blog Entry tag management through django-taggit.
  • Template block names are prefixed as to not conflict with the those used by the site.
  • A URL hierarchy to include at /blog (or wherever)
  • A Django sitemaps EntrySitemap class
  • A base class for an entries feed
  • Utilizing a site-provided profile page as the author profile page
  • Easy comment integration. Simply override a template snippet
  • Support for custom User Models
  • Django migrations
  • South migrations (Until we drop Django 1.6)
  • Class based generic views that can be used directly
  • A demo application.
  • Django upgrade friendly: Most recently released major Django version and 1 back

Not Features

These features are right out. If you are looking for one of them, andablog may not be right for you.

  • A User model. Andablog uses the settings.auth_user_model relation string for the author.
  • Author Profile pages. These can be implemented by the site and linked to by andablog.
  • Comments on blog entries. Though help is provided. In the form of a template snippet reference as well as a template tag that can be used for user display/linking.
  • Constructing the author display name or URL. A provided User model must implement get_short_name for author display and get_absolute_url for author profile linking.
  • Search. Since Andablog is only intended to be packaged with an existing site it would most likely become redundant.
  • Support for 3 or more Django major releases. Sorry, if you want to proceed you will have to fork until your site catches up.

Contributing to the project

Checkout the project page

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