Demo Site

Running Locally

The best way to test out the demo site is to set it up with all fixture data (so there is something to look at).

Using build scripts

If you have the build tools installed:

$ pynt create_venv
$ pynt rebuild_db
$ pynt runserver


  1. Create and activate a virtualenv (somewhere)

  2. Change directory to the django-andablog cloned dir

  3. Install Requirements:

    $ pip install -r local_requirements.txt
  4. Recreate the db and setup the database schema:

    $ cd demo
    $ python reset_db
    $ python migrate
  5. Load all fixtures

    Run this command for every ‘fixtures’ directory in the project:

    $ python loaddata someapp/fixtures/*.json
  6. Run the server:

    $ python runserver

Pre-packaged Users

The demo fixtures include the following users. All users have ‘secret’ for a password.